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1. How Create / Add Multiple Wallet Currency

> The default Wallet Currency USD Dollar, and to create or add another currency wallet is you have add funds before you able to create another wallet currency. And by go to the deposit option and select the currecny you want add it to your wallet, and once you add funds with it the Wallet Currency will automatically going to create and add it to your Wallet

2. How to Deposit Funds with Credit / MasterCard / VISA / Debit Card

To deposit with Credit, Mastercard, Debit or Visa, and with us you're always secure, and while we're using two processors are Stripe and 2Checkout when it's come to operating card payments

How is works?

To deposit with your Credit / Mastercard / Debit Card, On your account dashboard just click the option, Deposit and the payment method either you select the Stripe or 2Checkout and follow the rest of instruction on the page to complete the payment. And once w received the payment we review it and update the fund in your account wallet

3. How to Upgrade Account from Wallet to Merchant Account?

Yes you or user's can upgrade his / her account from Wallet to Merchant account,

How is Works?;

Just contact us by open support ticket with your website URL link you want to use Merchant for, And we needed to review your website if is eligible. And if other information needed it and you been informed and provide it

4, How Do I Request Withdraw / Payout

There is two option for you to request withdraw / Payout, And you can request withdraw to your Bank account or Bank card and only you need to provide us correctly information regards on your Bank or Card. And request withdraw or payout you needed to setup your payment processor and request withdraw by follow these steps

Steps 1, How to Setup Payment Processor

    1, On your dashboard click the option Payout / Withdraw

    2, Click Payout Setting

    3, Click Add Setting

    4, The pop page select the type of processor and provide information requirement

    5, Click the option Submit and close the pop page

Steps 2, How to Request Withdraw / Payout

    1, You need to Setup your Payout first as stated in Steps 1, and if you're not yet setup complete it.

    2, On your dashboard click the option Payout / Withdraw

    3, Continue click the option Payout / Withdraw with arrow top

    4, Enter the Amount and select the Currency

    5, And click the option Submit

Note; The minimum you can withdraw it will indicate once you enter the amount if you less than the minimum, Example to the Credit / Mastercard / Debit Card the minimum is 20 USD/EUR/GBP

5, How To Send / Request Money

You can Send and request money all over the world and even if the recipient don't have don't have an account with us you can still request or send money from the fellow, How is working,

How to Send / Request Money from PAY-ePAY Users?

> Just click the option Send / Request Money and provide the necessary information requested and continue click Send Money, and once you done we will review it and approval it, And we have done the money will recipient account

How to Send / Request Money from someone don't have account with PAY-ePAY?

Yes no matter how the recipient don't have an account with us you can send money to he/her without any problem, by follow this steps

    > On your dashboard click the option Send / Request Money provide the necessary information requirement and continue click the option Send Money, Once you have done we review the your request and once we approval it, the recipient would going to received  the a notification email from us and he/her would follow the link and with the instruction and to create a new account with us and once he/her complete the process the money will his/her account

6, Do I Need To Give Any Document Before To Use a Service

In some case yes you need to provide your Identity document and proof address of you.  Because there is two types of account in the system which are Personal / eWallet Account and Merchant Account you choose to registered

> Personal Account ;

When you choose to use Personal / eWallet Account you have limit of operate amount which is up to 1,500.00 USD / EUR / GBP, and after reach that amount we  will ask you to provide Identity document of you and before to continue used the service

> Merchant Account ;

With our Merchant account you need to provide us your Identity and Proof of address before. And during the registered process on the registered page you can choose to select Merchant Account direct and complete the registration, And once you complete the registration, Login in your account and go to the option Profile Settings and to verified your account by to provide us the identity document of you

Or if you want during the registration process you can choose to select Personal Account and later request to upgrade your account from Personal Account to Merchant Account by contacting via support ticket.

Do I need to provide my company registered document before I can operate the Merchant Account?

No you don't needed to provide us your Company Registration Certificate and when you you choose to use our Merchant Account, the only document you need to provide to us is your Identity and Proof of address, and with this is sufficient

What is Different Between Personal & Merchant Account

Personal Account : Shop online or send and receive money and internal exchange of currency as related to eWallet. All without sharing your payment information.

Merchant Account : Accept PAY-ePAY payment and you also benefit from all the feature in our system. Send secure invoices to your customers.

7, How to Protect My Account

Great News! Your data now gets a whole lot safer thanks to the added 2FA security feature in your account.

2FA, otherwise known as Two-Factor Authentication, works hard to improve overall security by requiring two forms of identification: 1) your password and 2) a generated security code.

To enable 2FA, all you have to do is;

1, Access your Account  Dashboard

2, At top of your right side click on your name and drop down

3, Continue click on Settings

4, Click on 2-FA

5, At the 2-Factor Authentication page -> Click drop down select and click SUBMIT

Follow the rest the of instruction on the page and continue

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