Seller Protection

What are the requirements for Seller Protection?

    1. Ship to the address on the Transaction Details page. If the item was sold through your site, make sure you’re shipping the item to a confirmed address.

    2. The item sold must be a physical, tangible item that can be shipped. This means intangible items such as digital goods and services aren’t covered.

    3. If we request documentation or other relevant information, we ask that you respond promptly (typically within ten business days).

    4. You must maintain records of your business transactions if we asked you to prove the completion of the deal.

Additional Requirements For (Item Not Received) cases:

    1. The payment must be marked “eligible” or “partially eligible” on the Transaction Details page.

    2. You must provide online tracking to be eligible for protection.

For (Unauthorized Payment) cases:

    1. The payment must be marked (eligible) on the Transaction Details page.

    2. You must provide Proof of Delivery or Proof of Shipment as described below.

what's not covered by Seller Protection?

Most PAY-ePAY transactions are covered as long as they follow these requirements. However, there are instances where Seller Protection doesn’t apply:

    1. Claims, charge-backs, or reversals filed because the item is significantly different from how it was described (e.g. you described an item as (new) but sent a used one).

    2. Intangible purchases like services, digital goods, etc.

    3. Items picked up locally or in person.

    4. Transactions made through PAY-ePAY Direct, Virtual Terminal, PAY-ePAY Business, or PAY-ePAY Here.

    5. Instances where you receive multiple payments for an item.

    6. Prohibited items such as drug paraphernalia, ammunition/firearms, or counterfeit goods.

    7. First Class Mail International, since the receipt only shows the address the order was delivered to – not the customer's address.

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